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Squeaks and Rattles!

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A customer came in recently asking if we could carry out our air con deodorising service.

This was not an unusual request as most air conditioning systems need decontaminating at least every couple of years, as mould and bacteria have a tendancy to grow inside the air con system, causing bad smells, especially when the air conditioning is first switched on.

We duly carried out an air con decontamination service, and sure all would be well, we sent the customer on his way. He returned a few days later saying the smell was still there, and if anything, was getting worse.

Our air con technician was very surprised and also somewhat curious as to the origin of the smell, so he decided to strip the air conditioning units airbox out from the car (a somewhat time consuming job, but it had to be done). As he dismantled it, the source of the problem became clear - a family of mice had made their home deep inside the air conditioning but unfortunately died, and had begun to decompose! The airbox was cleaned out and the mice suitably disposed of. The vehicles air conditioning was again decontaminated and the customer rang in a few days later to say the annoying smell (and squeak?!) had now gone.

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