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Main dealer mayhem

A short time ago a gentleman bought a Lexus into us. He was distressed after leaving a main dealer with a quote for thousands to replace many parts on his powerless, rough running pride and joy. The customer complained of severe lack of power and very rough running. After a short diagnostics session we narrowed the faulty part to the EGR valve, instead of the various parts the main dealer insisted were faulty.

Instead quoting a new EGR, costing hundreds, we ran the vehicle through our engine decarbonizing machines. This softened up the carbon build up blocking the EGR valve. Next we simply took the EGR out of the vehicle and cleaned it. Once put back into the vehicle, the engine had its full power range back, along with its silky smooth idle.

The customer received an invoice for a very small fraction of the cost that he was quoted by the main dealer. He drove home in his smooth, powerful Lexus, extremely happy with the costs.

This is just one example of how Autolube is always giving customers the best possible service at the best possible price. Instead of just throwing pointless parts at your vehicle at a high cost to the customer.

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