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In With th Old!

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[heading]Classic cars

As some of our older customers may remember, Dave, one of our Directors started his motor trade career as a mobile engine tuner. This was back in the days when cars needed "tuning" ie setting, adjusting and balancing to run at their very best. Older vehicles had many adjustments, unlike today's modern vehicles and it was down to the skill of the engine tuner to diagnose faults and get the vehicle running correctly.

During conversations with customers, many have mentioned they have vintage or classic cars such as MGB GT's, Triumph Staggs, E tyre jaguar's, Austin Minis, all of which are now deemed Classic Cars, and with the engine tuners "art" now dead, customers find it impossible to have the vehicles correctly set up, diagnosed and tuned.

In his time as a mobile engine tuner, Dave carried out "tune ups" totaling in excess of 10,000 vehicles, so we realised the art is certainly not dead at Autolube. What we didn't have was the old style analogue diagnostic equipment, as modern digital EOBD (European On Board Diagnostics) equipment just doesn't work on the old vehicles (pre 2001). With this in mind, we have recently acquired an old SUN 1010 DIAGNOSTIC ENGINE ANALYSER which we have bought back to perfect working order, and we have started to once again, tune and diagnose earlier vehicles, and also carry out any necessary repairs. So if you have or know someone who has an older style "classic" vehicle, just let them know that the old days are back at Autolube, and there is once again, a place where the tuners "art" is alive and kicking.

A full diagnostic engine tune with 50 point diagnostic report starts at just £35.00 inc Vat (Jan - Feb only)

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