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Brake fluid replacement

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Autolube Ltd have just become the proud new owners of a state of the art brake fluid flush machine. Autolube continuously thrive to be at the cutting edge of the motor industry. This advanced piece of machinery truly means that we are maintaining that goal.

Brake fluid is a hygroscopic material, meaning that with time, it will naturally absorb moisture from the atmosphere. This is will lower the boiling point of the brake fluid and (in extreme cases) could potentially lead to brake loss or failure. For this reason it is important to get the fluid flushed and replaced every 2 years. Some garages will simply top the fluid up, or only partially flush the system. This could still mean that your brakes are dangerous. Autolube's new piece of machinery will completely flush your system and replace it with brand new fluid. This means you can rest easy knowing your brakes are safe.

Book your brake fluid flush today from just £32!!! Call now on 01462 481342 or email ask@autolube.net

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