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AC Advice

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Air conditioning is no different to the other mechanical devices in your vehicle. To remain efficient air con systems need servicing and repair. Most car manufacturers recommend that air conditioning is serviced every 24 months. Here at Autolube in Letchworth we wanted to put some tips together to help you maintain a healthy air-conditioning system

1. You should try to use you Aircon as much as possible. Most people will only reach for that AC button on the hottest of summer days. However regular use will keep your system working for longer.

2. You can use your Aircon on hot or cold to help de-mist your windscreen

3. Aircon should be regularly serviced to ensure that it works correctly. Simply re-gassing the system does not constitute an aircon service and can actually further damage the system if not done by a trained technician

4. Have you ever got in your car, pushed the AC button and had a terrible smell fill the cabin? That smell is bacterial growth. A vehicle Air-conditioning system provides the perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow. The AC system should be kept clean through the use of anti bacterial treatments and replacing the pollen filter. This will keep the air in your car safe and smell free.

Here at Autolube in Letchworth we take great pride in offering an in-depth 17 point aircon service. This includes a re-gas with the use of a tracer dye to help locate leaks if there are any. The service is also carried out by fully trained technicians, with the most up to date machinery available.

If you have any questions reference Air-conditioning in general or The AC service Autolube provide, Don't hesitate to give us a call on 01462481342 or email us on ask@autolube.net

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