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As the premier car service company in Letchworth, we offer vehicle servicing of the highest quality at very affordable prices. We understand that having your vehicle serviced by your main dealer is an unnecessary and often expensive experience. This is why our team of highly skilled technicians are fully trained to carry out any service, from a straight forward oil change through to an in depth major service including all service parts.  All our service schedules can be found below, allowing you to see exactly what service points are carried on each of our three services.

We also offer Van & Commercial Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Details


Variable Service
From £110.50

Full Service
From £180.80

Major Service
From £220.49

Carry out vehicle damage report

Report severe body damage

Fit all protective covers

Locate all relevant vehicle information

Check Cam belt change interval

Check starter motor efficiency

Check clutch for slip or drag

Check front wheel alignment (road test)

Check steering wheel is central

Road wheel balance

Test Engine performance

Check gears select correctly

Test brakes

Check ABS functions

Check brake servo action

Check Power steering function

Test CV joints for wear

Report on any suspension knocks

Check front wiper blades for cracks or wear

Adjust washer aim if required

Check rear wiper blades for cracks or wear

Check number plate condition

Check all exterior lights

Check security of wing/door mirrors

Lubricate door hinges

Visually check exhaust gasses

Carry out emissions test (print)

Check central locking works correctly

Operation of internal lights

Check dash for warning lights

Check vents operate correctly

Check Heaters

Check Air con operation

Operate front washers

Operate rear washers

Check windscreen for chips and cracks

Check other electronics e.g seats, mirrors etc

Check safety of all seat belts

Report on pollen filter condition (if accessible)

Carry out engine diagnostic code read (print)

Check hand brake operation

Check horn operation

Check all visible belts for cracking or wear

Check auxiliary belt tension

Check Charging voltage

Test battery voltage

Check security of battery

Clean and coat battery terminals

Check all visible coolant hoses for leaks

Check radiator and inter cooler conditions

Check operation of cooling fan

Report on coolant strength (new if applicable)

Check and top up coolant level

Check and report coolant condition

Check coolant cap seal

Visually inspect expansion bottle

Check Power steering fluid level

Check and top up brake/clutch fluid level

Clean brake fluid reservoir

Check HT leads and Ignition coils for visible deterioration

Check distributor cap (if applicable)

Check condition of spark plugs

Change Spark plugs (extra for long life)

Check for air leaks

Inspect visible breather hoses

Check visible fuel lines

Replace Diesel Filter (paper element only)

Report on air filter cleanliness

Change air filter

Top up washer bottles

Grease bonnet latch mechanism

Lubricate Clutch cable (if applicable)

Lubricate throttle cable (if applicable)

Check wheels for distortion or damage

Check Wheel trims for damage

Visually check tyre tread depths

Measure tyre tread depths (including spare)

Check tyres for damage

Check tyre is fitted to side wall instructions

Set tyre pressures to manufactures specification

Check front wheel bearings for deterioration

Check rear wheel bearings for deterioration

Check steering rack for play

Remove all road wheels

Visually check front discs and pads (through wheels on varia)

Measure front discs and pads

Clean and lubricate front discs and pads

Check brake callipers for leaks and security

Visually check rear brake discs and pads (through wheels on varia)

Check rear drums and shoes

Measure Rear brakes

Clean and lubricate and adjust rear brakes

Check wheel cylinders for leaks

Check brake pipe hoses for splits or leaks

Check brake pipes for splits or leaks

Check road springs

Check shock absorbers condition

Check security of suspension mounts

Test exhaust pressure

Remove sump plug and drain old oil

Change oil filter

Refit Sump plug

Check for engine oil leaks

Check gear box oil level

Check for gear box oil leaks

Top up gearbox oil if required

Check for water leaks

Check for axle or differential oil leaks

Check for power steering fluid leaks

Inspect vehicle underside for damage or corrosion

Check exhaust system for damage or corrosion

Inspect inner and outer drive shaft gaiters

Check rack gaiters

Grease relevant greasing points

Clean, lubricate and adjust rear handbrake

Check security of engine under tray

Fill engine with correct grade oil

Check oil level

Refit road wheels

Set wheels nuts to manufactures specification

Re fit wheel trims

Re-set service indicator

Carry out post service road test

Wash Vehicle

Hoover and dash Vehicle

Jet wash vehicle wheels

Carry out final quality control checks

Park vehicle in customer car park

Remove protective covers

Report keys to reception

Report all paperwork and printouts to reception

Report vehicle service book to reception

All Old service parts to reception

Contact customer on completion

Variable Service From £110.50

Full Service From £180.80

Major Service From £220.49

The purpose of servicing a vehicle is to ensure that the vehicle is healthy.  This includes various checks of the cars, tyres, brakes, suspension and much more. Depending on level of service, there may also be service parts changed such as air filter, spark plugs, fuel filters and pollen  filters.  Servicing a vehicle regularly will mean problems are spotted early, and resolved for a much smaller cost than if the problem escalated.  

A small investment in routine servicing, offers an excellent return on investment due to:

  • Reduced cost of repairs over the vehicle's life
  • Reduced unforeseen breakdown risks
  • Reduce vehicle time off the road
  • Less likelihood of accidents
  • The potential for greater fuel economy
  • The possibility of increased product life (e.g. tyres last longer, brakes disks do not become scored)
  • Less inconvenience and less unforeseen expense


If you are unsure whether your car needs a service, or what kind of service you require, feel free to speak to our friendly reception staff who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Why Choose Us?


We stamp your car’s service book!


We reset your car’s service lights & countdown!


We offer free courtesy cars!


We maintain the manufacturer’s warranty!


We work to the manufacturer’s specifications!


We can collect and deliver your car!


We photograph all work carried out!


All our work has a minimum 12 month guarantee!


You will be shown all old parts so you can fully understand the work carried out on your vehicle

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You can call or email us at Autolube on the following:

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