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Autolube, Letchworth pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of the motor industry, always investing in the latest diagnostic and testing equipment.  Our technicians are fully trained to access your vehicles on-board system in order to ensure faults are diagnosed quickly and efficiently.

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We are able to instantly download the very latest on-board computer specifications, so whether you have a problem with your engine management, ABS, auto gearbox, or any other electronic system you can be assured we have the equipment and expertise to diagnose car faults quickly, efficiently and at a fixed cost.

Our equipment allows us to diagnose faults in the following electronic systems:

  • Anti Lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Airbag
  • Traction Control
  • Engine Management for petrol or diesel
  • Climate Control
  • Transmission Control
  • Service Light reset


As technology advances with each passing day, cars are becoming more and more complicated. They become less like cars and more like computers.  A modern vehicle is covered from head to toe in electronic sensors that measure and police everything from air pressure to engine oil temperature and tyre pressures.  All of these sensors work as a network, feeding information back to a central computer (ECU).  When one of these sensors finds an inconsistency in its readings it will report the problem to the ECU and store what is known as a “trouble code”.  These codes can be read via specialist diagnostic equipment.  Once we have obtained the ECU codes we can begin the diagnostic procedure to find the fault.

Diagnostics Advice

  • When in doubt, check it out!  If you have any doubt in your vehicle at all it is always worth getting it checked out.
  • There are endless reasons a dashboard warning light could come on (some more serious than others), however it doesn’t necessarily mean a hefty repair bill.  But getting it looked at quickly could avoid one.  If you ignore an issue it can get a lot worse.
  • If a light has been on, but goes back out, it is likely the fault is still there.  Here at Autolube we recommend always getting your vehicle looked at if a warning light comes on. Picking up on small issues early could save big bills later down the line.
  • If a light comes on, but you are unsure what the light means, it is best to stop as soon as it is safe to do so.  You can call one of Autolube's friendly and knowledgable staff who will be able to advise you. If you carry on you may cause further damage and increase the cost of repairs
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If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at our Letchworth based garage.

You can call or email us at Autolube on the following:

t 01462 481342

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We stamp your car’s service book!


We reset your car’s service lights & countdown!


We offer free courtesy cars!


We maintain the manufacturer’s warranty!


We work to the manufacturer’s specifications!


We can collect and deliver your car!


We photograph all work carried out!


All our work has a minimum 12 month guarantee!


You will be shown all old parts so you can fully understand the work carried out on your vehicle

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